Trend Forecasting: Multi-functionality x Free People

As part of a new experimental class this semester, I got to learn about going through the process of trend forecasting in the fashion industry. Starting with trend research, the basis of our final project was to choose a company to implement upcoming trends for Spring 2020. My partner and I focused on the brand, Free People, and looked into ways to make the company stand out and succeed using forecasted trends for next season.

With the rise of multi-purpose and functionality in all aspects of one’s modern life, we wanted to show our target customer that your workwear can be both creative and professional. We have seen multifunction and simplicity across many industries within home technology, Marie Condo’s “spark joy” concept, and brands such as Rent the Runway that do more for the customer.

Our idea was to collaborate with Instagram influencer, Tezza, to create a multifunctional workwear line. Although workwear is not Free People’s focus, we found ways to implement this new idea through concepts such as monochromatic sets, reversible blazers, the functional sneaker, and statement handbags. Below you can find our final concept and trend research.

Hannah MauserComment