Trend Magazine — Subdued Neutrality

During my first two semesters of college, my favorite part by far has been my involvement with Trend Magazine. Trend is one of the largest student run publications and clubs at Iowa State University. I knew from the start of the year that Trend was something I wanted to succeed in throughout my four years here. During first semester I was part of the fashion forecasting committee. After that, I felt that I was ready to take a step up and apply for the executive team—so I did just that. After applying and going through the interview process, I landed a position as the assistant director of the ready-to-wear committee. Along with my director we were in charge of styling everything from hair to makeup to poses, while also leading a committee of ten members which helped our photoshoot day run smoothly!

This semester's theme was Subdued Neutrality. As an executive team we wanted to focus on simplicity while pulling in pops of color. For our ready-to-wear spread we worked around the idea of natural and neutral. We wanted to portray the life of a busy woman through the use of accessories, props, and color—specifically red, blue, green, and yellow—in the most simplistic way.  Check out our final ready-to-wear shoot below and the full Spring 2018 Trend issue online!

Hannah MauserComment