The Fashion Show 2018 — PR + Marketing

While I love creating content outside of my schoolwork and college life, I haven't talked much about my college experience on here yet! 

Starting around my sophomore year of high school I got super interested in the fashion industry as I began thinking about college and preparing visits. I had always loved fashion but never quite thought about it as a future... that is until I found out about The Fashion Show at Iowa State University. 

With an annual sell-out attendance of 2,000+ people, student designed garments, and a guest designer, Iowa State University holds one of the largest student run fashion shows in the NATION. (Yeah, no big deal or anything.) This year's guest designer was Patagonia. After spending a week with us students on campus, giving lectures, and telling us about the company, I was beyond inspired by Patagonia not only striving to make quality apparel, but by their mission to save our environment and live more sustainably. 

Luckily enough, each year a day is set aside before the final show for perspective high school students to come check out the apparel program and attend a special showing of the dress rehearsal. After attending my junior and senior year of high school I knew there was no better place for me to be — no better place for me to create and grow as an individual.

The minute I got to campus I was ready to jump on board at any opportunity I got — one of them being The Fashion Show 2018. During my first year at Iowa State I not only got to attend what was an amazing show, but also got to serve on the Public Relations and Marketing Committee. From creating Instagram content to live tweeting, I gained knowledge that will take me further in my career goals and push me more than ever.

The Fashion Show 2018 was such a dreamy experience and I can't wait for what's more to come in my next three years here!

Hannah MauserComment