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College Kids: How Much is Too Much?

“We are constantly looking at the next deadline, next step, next opportunity to make ourselves “better than the rest.””

I’m Still Trying to Figure Out How to Make Decisions for Myself, but that’s OK

“I haven't necessarily been the best me lately, but deciding to change that is only the beginning.”

5 Ways to Buy More Sustainably On A Budget

“Buying more sustainably ensures that your clothes are being made with eco-friendly fabrics and helping the environment, rather than destroying it.”

How to Create Your Own Creative Space, No Matter Where You Are

“Location doesn't matter when you're able to create with every beautiful detail that is presented to you.”

10 Inspiring Instagram Influencers to Follow NOW

“My top ten go-to creatives when I'm feeling stuck!”

Dear Senior High School Me:

“You're finally creating things and doing it for the good of yourself…”

Poetry On Odyssey: When It Stopped

“I guess you never really knew when it stopped until it was actually… over.”

The Only Thing Constant Is Change

“I assure you that if you continue to grow through what you go through, the finish line will only be a step away.”

It’s Time For Action and Progress, People

“It's time we put the differences aside and make decisions for the good of human existence.”

‘500 Days Of Summer’ Would Be Nothing Without Summer Finn

“A depressing, yet realistic love story.”

What’s The Deal With Our Obsession With Numbers?

“Why do we try to prove our worth through likes?”

The Top 10 Coffee Shops: Iowa Edition

“My coffee shop days are nowhere near close to done, but I've compiled a list of my top ten coffee shops thus far in Iowa that I would recommend…”

A Thoughtless Winter

“I've been experiencing days of nothing but sheer contentment, something I only dream of feeling.”

I’m Single And Getting Impatient

“Do not awaken love before its time.”

Who Is Your Permanent And Temporary?

“... and never let go of the permanent that is there to catch you at your lows, and scream to the world about your highs.”

5 Indisputable Tips to Relieve Stress During Finals Week

“It can be hard to take a step back with the hundreds of deadlines, but I've come up with five ways to make it through these last few weeks of the semester strong and motivated.”