"Why Don't We Grow Where We Come From?"

A few weeks back I was at an art museum. I’ve never been the type to really stop and interpret things, but this one piece of art caught my attention and really started to stir up thoughts in this scrambled brain of mine. After spending days just trying to remember the name of the artist, I couldn’t find much. All I could remember was one line of words embedded into the plaque on the wall — why don’t we grow where we come from? 

This seems like an almost stupid question, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. It was built around the idea that we grow where we do because we have to—because that’s where we were placed. But often times we disregard that, resorting to dreams and places in our heads saying, ‘that’s where I’ll end up someday, away from here.’ 

We fixate our attention to others perfectly edited lives and places that will “make our dreams come true.” We move away from home to the dream city, hoping that it might bring us more happiness and success. It’s hard to see growth right here, right now when our eyes are everywhere but the present. In this particular season of mine I feel impatient, almost as if I’m waiting for something big to happen; rarely paying attention to the little things that are slowly but surely blooming. In this season of uncertainty, you are growing and becoming a  better version of you. Don’t let the perfectly edited version of everyone else deny that. 

Just some late night thoughts with Hann..

xo, hann claire

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