This Is Me — Hann Claire

Hi lovlies —

I've had a blog now for about 2 years. I don't think I've ever taken the time to sit down and just say hi or introduce myself. Today I felt like sitting down and doing just that. 

So, hi! I'm Hannah, pronounced like 'ha-nuh,' but you can call me Hann—like Han Solo, except I've never actually seen Star Wars. I go to college and like to create things that give me growth and good intentions. I would say that I've always had a sense of knowing myself; being independent and having natural drive and passion to do the things I love just because I can. I love writing, fashion, coffee, listening to the same songs for months on end, and the movie '500 Days Of Summer.' I wouldn't say I really have a "thing," rather I'm kinda just making new things when I feel like it. I hate the idea of putting myself in a box. I'm doing things for the sake of just being me.

Right now I am 19 and trying to figure this whole life thing out. I get easily defeated at the smallest things, often ignoring the million good things that outweigh that one bad apple. I am a work in progress and find beauty in the process more than the actual outcome. Some days I feel really really happy for no reason—just to be alive I suppose—but other days I feel like I am on airplane mode; like I'm only going through the motions and finding excuses.

I tend to naturally surround myself with people I can relate to and make me happy. I value the world of creating and cheer people on when they are dominating everything they are doing. You can usually find me at a coffeeshop typing away at my computer or people watching. I find peace with my introverted self in my alone time and thrill when the people I love push me out of my comfort zone for the sake of making me a better person. 

I am lost and found all at the same time and really enjoying the ride. 

xo, hann claire