2018 in Review

HAPPY 2019!!

For the past 2 years I have reached out to my audience on Instagram and Twitter asking, “What did you learn this year?” I love seeing your responses because we all could use a little advice from what others have gone through, but also because I think we all are more similar than we think. In the moment of whatever it is that we are going through it’s easy to keep it in, not realizing that the very people around us that we love and look up to have struggled with the same things.

I am always in awe by what you send me and hope that we can all be here to learn from one another and cheer each other on for the really big stuff that makes people smile from ear to ear. For me, 2018 was contained of meeting creative and loving best friends. But, it also was a year of walking away from people that brought me down or hurt me in the past. I am one to hold onto past feelings with constant wonder and thoughts of, “What did I do wrong?” 2018 taught me that it’s okay to walk away from people, places, or things that at one point was your familiar. Slowly as I grew, slowly as I became more of me, I had to let go of things for the better of myself, both mentally and physically. When I met the people that made my heart burst out of my chest and told me that I CAN do it, it made all the difference in how I carried myself the rest of the year. This past year I began to creatively grow without thinking what others thought. As I go into 2019 I strive to continue that, and all in all, give less f*cks. I could go on and on about what I learned in 2018, but my heart was touched when you trusted me with your thoughts. Written in your ideas and words, here is what YOU learned in 2018.

People play a huge part in the majority of our year. After all, who you hang out with says a lot about yourself. It dictates how you see things and carry yourself from day to day. Find your people and always let them know how much you appreciate them. In college it can be hard to recognize your true friends from the people that you might hang out with just for a short amount of your time. Don’t just network, make friendships. It’s okay to drift apart from friends or toxic relationships because in the end your mental health is more important than anything else. Your true friends are the ones who show up for your good days and bad days.

“I’ve learned that people show up in your life who were meant to always be there and who were meant to shape you as a person. I’ve learned that working hard to be a good friend in a relationship is always worth it in the end. I’ve learned that patience is everything—it’s not our timing, it’s God’s and we just have to wait and see. I’ve learned that if you love well, you will receive it back. I’ve learned that a place isn’t the home, it’s the people that you belong with that are home.”

“Always ask follow up questions when talking to someone so they feel cared about.”

It can take time to really find your people. Once they come around it also takes effort to make time for the ones you love. They’ve made time for you, so don’t forget your time for them. Life is short. Give people a chance. “I learned how to talk out disagreements or tension. It’s so important!” The little things from time to communication make a relationship so much stronger.

Staying motivated and improving your independence can be tough when life doesn’t go the way you had it planned in your head.

“Sometimes you try your best and you’re just not good enough, but that’s perfectly okay.”

Rejection is that bitch, but she also comes around to teach you come important lessons. You are stronger than you think and it is perfectly okay to screw up sometimes! You can’t improve without failing first.

Self-love has been the hardest to learn. While people come and go, make sure you love yourself. In the end, you always have that.

“I learned that in order to truly be my best self, I needed to let go of the fear of messing up.”

I challenge you this year to make time for yourself too. Stop to appreciate what is right around you, and don’t stop making your goals and dreams come to life.

“No one will ever write my story. If I want something to happen, I have to go and do.

Here’s to YOUR year. Happy 2019.

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