Pantone Challenge

Hello loves, long time no see!

These past few months have been nothing but busy, yet I’ve still managed to find some personal creative time. I wanted to jump on here today to share an easy and fun way that I’ve found to keep those creative juices flowing even when there seems to be no time for it!

A few weeks ago one of my favorite Instagram influencers, Alex Gowen, posted a photo of himself with extracted Pantone colors. I was blown away by this simple photo that inspired me. After a few more days had past I started noticing more of these Pantone palette photos floating around on Instagram, realizing that it had formed into it’s own challenge, #PantoneChallenge, inspired by photographer @armphoto_.

I immediately started digging to figure out how to make these palettes only to find that the Pantone app enables you to upload an image, where it then extracts around 5 colors from your photo and arranges them for you. While this is a very simple and creative feature that Pantone offers, I thought this would be a great way to build around a personal brand!

I am intrigued at the concept of personal brands, and often have to make color stories and mood boards for college classes. When first creating these I like to find colors to base my concepts around. This can seem difficult for some when developing a personal brand, but what better way to explore the colors that express you the most than with this feature on Pantone?! As you can see, I currently am drawn to browns, grays, and navy this season, and it shows in my content!

The next time you need a color story, creative break, or interesting Instagram content, try out the #PantoneChallege to see your life in the form of a color palette.

Happy creating!

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