Frolicking in the Fields

Helloooo fall and turtleneck season!!

Over the last few weeks this Iowa weather has been extremely bipolar (as usual). After having the last bit of summer weather though, I think we finally hit the constant stretch of 50 degrees and rain—aka MY FAVORITE. I have been itching to get out my fall jackets and sweaters.

This season is also my favorite time to go outside and experiment with photos. My friends and I have especially been inspired by @zoelaz, @alexgowon, and @mkennajoe lately. These accounts are some of my go-to inspirations, but especially during the fall time. Their photos, locations, and editing screams everything fall season! We wanted to take on our own photoshoot with these inspirations in mind and explore other places in our area. It can be easy to think that there are no good locations in small town Iowa, but we hopped in the car and drove until we found the perfect spot. We were so surprised to find this little field after a bit of wandering around!

There is something about fall that makes everything seem okay to me—like I can be happy and sad at the same time, and I’m content with that feeling. From the touch of morning chill, comforting colors, music, and everything pumpkin spice, I feel fall giving me this big hug reminding me that this life is so freaking good.

Find your fall, grab your friends, frolic in the fields, and dance to the beat of your heart. This season of life you are doing your best and growing so so much.

xo, hann claire

(ps, listen along to my favorite fall sounds here and share yours with me over on Instagram.)