Seventeen Things For Seventeen Years

I've got to say, going into my seventeenth year I don't feel much different. Do you ever really feel older when your birthday comes around? Seventeen. Huh... I mean it's basically a filler year between getting your driver's license and being classified as an adult. I may not be old and wise but this young, seventeen year old mind has lots to say and learn. Here are a seventeen things I've learned for my seventeen years of existence....

  1. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea & that’s okay. 
  2. Pulling a stray fringe on your favorite sweater does indeed create a giant hole in your favorite sweater resulting in losing your favorite sweater. (still salty about it) 
  3. Taking time for yourself is important. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.
  4. Write EVERYTHING down. Thoughts, ideas, lists.. Do NOT fall for the ¨Oh I’ll remember later.¨  No, you will not remember it later. Also, you might just find a purpose for it in the future. 
  5. Forever is a long time, high school is 4 years. High school is not your forever. 
  6. Just go for it. That boy you like? Tell him how you feel. You’ve got nothing to lose.  
  7. It’s okay to be mad or sad or angry. You’re not always going to be happy. Cry it out & move on with your head held high. 
  8. Wear what you want. That’s all there is to it. 
  9. Don’t let someone’s negative mood determine your mood or day. 
  10. YOU CAN DO IT. Just thought you should know.
  11. Support your friends even for the littlest of accomplishments. Their happiness is worth everything.
  12. Just because it isn’t happening now doesn’t mean it never will.
  13. Music makes any mood better.
  14. ¨Kill them with kindness¨ - words from my mother (It really does work.)
  15. Keep an open mind.
  16. Post as many selfies as you want because you are stunning. 
  17. Laugh as much as you can, happiness can be contagious.