Looking From the Outside In

It's not everyday that we really feel like we are solely, all in, everything is there, ourselves. When a day comes around that you find even the slightest little thing about yourself, grasping on and remembering that moment is so important.

You could say that I'm a bit of a worry wart and "just going with the flow" is not always my forte. Most days I envy the ones who seem as though everything is perfect and figured out to the last detail. I envy the ones who are so carefree, yet everything still seems to go their way. Looking at reality though, it's most likely that someone looks from the outside in on you thinking the same thing. No one really has it figured out no matter how flawless their Instagram feed is or amount of people that follow them on Twitter. If you've ever had the experience of looking down at a busy city through an airplane window, it's a bit how we perceive people. From far away everything looks beautiful and meticulously placed. The trees look greener, the people and cars all know where their next destination is, and homes stand in lines, looking like a well put together society. But as the plane descends, the leaves on the trees become browner, people are lost, and each home has a different problem of its own.

We only highlight on the "big picture" and don't think about the fact that the "big picture" contains the small, tiny details that we don't draw attention to. So, no, obviously nothing is perfect no matter how much the "big picture" might deceive the eye into thinking it is. But, like I've said, when that small tiny detail finds its way to you, it's important to keep hold of it - even if no one else notices it.

So, lately I've noticed a shift in things; a change in the way I think. I've suddenly become more carefree these days. My old worries are worries no more. I've listened to less sad music and more to the people around me. I've found myself smiling at the unnoticeable little things, rather than just the big ones. I finally feel like the people around me are the people I want and people I want more of. I wish I could say that I feel this way everyday, but bad days need their turn too. Good things though, like noticing the little details, are worth finding and waiting for.