Flaunt Yo Pants

As I transition into spring and summer clothes I've noticed a change in my style. For the longest time I had no idea what I wanted to wear or even what I wanted to be buying for that matter. Looking at it though, maybe this isn't a bad problem to have! Anyways, during my trip to New York City a few months back I came across these uber cool pants in H&M. And ever since that, I've slowly been building my wardrobe around the pants (as weird as that sounds). They are a perfect mix of modern, classy, and minimal, which is, what I've realized, exactly the kind of wardrobe I dream of having. 

I thought these would be super easy to dress up or down too. A staple piece like these pants I feel are always essential for the days when I have "nothing to wear". And suddenly an outfit comes straight out of your closet that you maybe never would have thought of putting together.

On this lovely Sunday I decided to pair my new fave pants with a mustard tank and jean jacket, and the shoes dressed it up a bit. These will be the perfect pant for spring, but also super easy to transition into fall and layer season! Versatality makes your closet always beaming with surprises and you can flaut yo pants no matter the season.