Eighteen Things For Eighteen Years

Well, here we are again. Another year, another thing learned. It's hard to believe that I'm considered an adult now... (I mean, that's debatable).

Lots has changed since last year, and I'm so crazy thankful for those of you sitting on the other side of this screen listening to me still. I have so many ideas I want to share with you all this year!

So, without further ado, here are eighteen things I've learned for my eighteen years of existence. 

  1. You're going to come across few rare souls that mean the absolute world to you. Never lose touch with them no matter how long time keeps you apart.
  2. Your own feelings are relevant.
  3. It's okay to question parts of your life that have always seemed right up until now.
  4. Stop waiting. Your hopes are getting tired of being let down.
  5. You can't help who you love and who you don't. 
  6. It's acceptable to be selfish every once in a while. 
  7. What's easiest isn't always what's best. 
  8. Coffee is an essential part of the day.
  9. I said it last year, and I'll say it again; You're not going to be everyone's cup of tea and that's OKAY.
  10. Be happy for other people and their successes. 
  11. Take in every last moment. 
  12. Don't give too much of yourself away.
  13. Never give up on the opportunity to travel or talk to new humans. 
  14. Learn how to handle rejection. 
  15. Learn to say no.
  16. Change will become easier the more you let it in.
  17. Take things as they come rather than living in the future plans.
  18. ALWAYS bring a jacket.