2016: What A Year

Well, another 365 days have past and just like that everyone seems to be ready for the New Year; for bigger and better things. I got to thinking about what I wanted to let you guys know going into the New Year and thought what better way to share a few lessons learned than from each other? I talked to you lovely faces over text, social media, and in person asking, "What did you learn in 2016?" This post is written solely in your words. Here is what you amazing humans learned in the year of 2016.


A lot can change in a year; traditions, family, activities, and especially friends. I mean, they know everything which can be the greatest thing to ever happen to you, or turn out to be your worst enemy. Letting the wrong people go can be hard, don't get me wrong. But it's worth it when you find the right ones. The ones who sit around playing board games with you and gossip late at night. These humans care about your dreams and aspriations, and love you unconditionally. You might lose some friends naturally and that's okay. While growing apart from others, it gives more room to grow closer to different people who are better for you.  Never let any guy or girl change your morals or values. Because surrounding yourself with people who really, truly care, will carry you anywhere and everywhere you want to go. Eventually the people who you make memories with become the memories themselves.

Never expect things to go the way you planned, but realize that you have so many more choices than you may think you have. It's better to have these options than none at all - it's okay to change paths, even when they turn up in disguise or unexpectedly. Take chances on those oppurtunities and never forget to truly follow your heart. You're going to have negative comments or people try to bring you down, but they most likely wish they were doing what you are. They hate us 'cause they ain't us! But in all seriousness, voice your opinion and take those big steps or risks. Become more independent, and less dependent on people and their opinions. 

Remember that not everyone has the same passions as you. You can't help someone love something they don't. Keep loving people with your whole heart's potential and don't forget to support other people's passions too. But, just because you give your whole heart doesn't mean other people will give it in return. You can wear your heart on your sleeve, but not everyone will appreciate it. Keep doing you for yourself and for the people who do appreciate it. Put yourself first, and ALWAYS do what YOU think is right. Loving yourself is so much more worth than loving someone else. Learn to live in harmony with yourself.

Love is so important when we're surrounded by a lot of hate in society. Especially with 2016, we saw a lot of negatives. Drawing focus away from these are needed to keep our spirits up. We have so much power to create and change. Life is now so we might as well live in it, right? We NEED to be present and alive now because this is the only point in life that we have full control over. Don't push things that aren't meant to happen. These little moments are going to become our life. 2016 was a wacky year, but the right people and lessons learned made it so much better. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering - getting wisdom teeth pulled is not very fun. Also, it's pretty hard to screw up Mac 'N Cheese so never doubt your cooking abilities. 


I found while going through your year that we all felt similar no matter how differnt our situations may have been. Personally, I think that goes to show how much we could be there for each other and conquer the New Year together. I have a feeling this year is going to be full of a lot of change, answers, and creating. So cheers to 2017! Let's do some amazing things. 

{ps, thank you for writing for me. Your thoughtful words make my heart dance.}

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