2017 Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Hello lovelies!

As we approach mid summer it sometimes feels like our closets are running out of new outfits - at least that's how I've been feeling. While I do in fact have a plethora of clothing options, I somehow always resort back to the typical shorts and crop top, or shorts and tank top, or shorts and, well you get the idea. 

As I scrolled through Netflix deciding what next series to start the other night, I came across one of my favorite documentaries, Minimalism. I've always found minimalism quite interesting and decided to give it another watch. The biggest thing that seems to catch my attention is the whole concept around their wardrobes. They have very little variety, yet explain that there is still a lot of potential with minimal choices. 

I researched a little more into it not only to find tips and tricks to creating my own capsule wardrobe, but that it's a lifestyle for a good portion of people! I took on the challenge to come up with my own version of a summer capsule wardrobe, and surprisingly found it so fun!

I took 12 pieces of clothing from my closet (mainly simple statement pieces with some pattern to mix it up), and came up with 22 outfits just with those 12 items! The next time you have "nothing to wear", give your closet another look over and get creative! 

Watch what I came up with here!
My 12 pieces of clothing: