A Thought About Timing

"Just because you're new doesn't mean you have to walk away from something good because of bad timing."

As I finish wrapping things up from my senior year of high school and begin a new adventure at college, the topic of timing has been on my mind. With how fast these past four years have gone I've gotten a better grasp on the whole concept of "good" and "bad" timing, and it's crazy to me that based on what life looks like in the present decides if timing is right or not. If something works out right chances are that it was good timing, and if it doesn't, chances are that it was bad timing. It's just how it tends to level out. The second bad timing shows up though it feels as if all hopes and dreams are crushed and there's no chance for it ever working out in the future. I hate this feeling. It's hard to see good timing ever making an appearance when bad timing comes over uninvited.

I came across a quote recently that read this:

"Just because you're new doesn't mean you have to walk away from something good because of bad timing."

I couldn't agree more with this statement. While timing does in fact play a huge role in how we go about this life, we tend to use it as an excuse. "Oh it must just be bad timing" or "Maybe when the timing is right". So when do you consider the timing to be "right"? We wait for perfect timing as if it's the next 10:00am flight - an anticipated ride. Yet, here we find ourselves feeling stood up because the vision we had in our heads doesn't match the actual outcome. The flight didn't take off at the right time and suddenly our hopes are worn as a burden on our back. Rather than moving forward with time, we fantasize what could be instead of what already is. 

So here's how I take timing when it seems to be going everything but good: 

If something feels right in your soul and you don't know how to approach it, chances are there will never be a time that's good or bad to go after it. You just have to take a leap of faith. If something goes out of this world amazing for you and in your heart feels right, there's no reason you need to walk away from that feeling just because of "bad timing". Bad timing has a way of pulling us apart from people and situations that once made our hearts beat out of our chests and smile for no reason whatsoever. So why should we let bad timing ruin something that once made us feel so whole? 

Once we let timing stop controlling our lives, the good timing will have never felt so right.