2017 in Review

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This year has been crazy and thrilling in the best way possible. I feel strange in my skin, but among the chaos of it all, I find peace in figuring it out. I breathe a little deeper and love a little longer in this season of mine. 2017 was a year of realization and digging in deep to finding who I am and what I wanted to become. Starting off as a slow year, I quickly managed to adapt to new environments and people, and I can confidently say that this was the year of people; good hearted ones at that. 

About a year ago I reached out to you over social media, whoever is sitting on the other side of this screen, and asked what you learned in 2016. I was in no way expecting the responses I got. By no surprise again, your words have managed to touch my heart when asked what 2017 taught you. 

It's been quite amazing to see the change in mindset among the responses from last year to this year. Again, this post is solely in the words you have so graciously shared with me. Thank you for your sweet words and letting me create with them. Here is what you learned in 2017.



"I learned that loving myself first makes loving other people so much greater!"
"This year I learned to stop caring what other people think, and started doing what makes me truly happy. Because of this I've had a better year, and have been a happier person. I personally think its made me a more fun person to be around, and its made me love myself so much more than I used to. Self love is so important. I'm glad I figured that out so young. Now, I can't wait for my future because I'm living and always will be living a fricking awesome life!" 

Remember that no matter how crazy everything gets, it will all be okay. Life is too damn short, you never know what can happen. Tell that person you love them. Stand up for what you believe in, and be the person you inspire to be. You never know if you'll get another day. 

"There will come a time when you will be loved greater than before by more genuine people."


"In 2017 came forward the people that really cared for me. The people that took the efforts to reach out to me made an impact in my relationships. It was sad to see the people I thought would reach out and didn't, but at the end of the day you want someone that is there for you!"

It is okay to confront someone about something that is bothering you. In fact, it is better to do so. There's no need to let worry, doubt, and anger consume you; this just makes things get worse. On the flip side to that, be honest with people who you're happy with. Tell them how much they mean to you. This helps strengthen friendships so much further.

Always remember that just because you might give attention to someone, does not mean that they are obligated to reciprocate it. Social media has given us the idea that people should be available to us at all times. If someone is going to make the effort for you, they will. There will come a time that you will be disappointed, but know that, "God is HUGE AND AMAZING and is taking over."

Being Selfish

First off, it's cool to just be you. 

"The world does revolve around you. Anything can happen if you exude positive energy and believe that you are deserving of your goals, and obviously put in the work to get there."

You are capable of changing regardless of other's beliefs. Take the time to really find yourself. You may end up in an unfamiliar place, but getting lost in the right direction is the best place to be. The world isn't such a big place after all, there's no need to hold back from venturing out. 

Taking Action

"Life isn't going to go the way you expect. Don't sit around and wait for adventure or answers. Get up and take action. People expect to find themselves at such a young age because if they don't, then they never will. We forget about the 40 to 60 years left of time to find love and passion."

With all this planning in mind, know that your plans may not always work out like you thought they would. This is a blessing in disguise. Live for the long term over the short term, and start doing things for YOU. Do not keep waiting around for the right time, for the right time is now and you will accomplish anything you set your mind to. 

"I learned to follow my dreams and build the life I want."


Sometimes I feel as though 2017 was a year of preparation for 2018. I surely hope this is the case. Show us whatcha got, 2018. We're ready.

xo, hann claire


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