Fall Fit NO. 4: Socks + Heels

We made it to November my lovelies and while fall is in fact dwindling down, today I have the forth and final Fall Fashion pick!

This one is a bit different as I will admit that when I first saw this trend going around, I was a bit confused. But with the right outfit this pick can add a fun little extra touch!

Fall Fit NO. 4: Socks + Heels

Especially with the weather getting chiller as the days progress, we know that wearing heels in the midst of it all is NOT FUN. Add a pair of your favorite socks and you've got a unique and WARM outfit. 

With my outfit in particular I paired grey socks with a stubby pair of black heels. I threw on this skirt to add length and a pink sweater for color! This did take some time and convincing to put an outfit like this together, but playing around with new styles is an easy way to push yourself out of the comfort zone!

Images by Emily Purdy

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