Fall Fit NO. 1: Bellbottoms + Bandana Scarves

Fall is here my friends... WOOOO! While I do in fact jump on the bandwagon of pumpkin spice lattes and overly expensive candles each season, I also find myself feeling the most creative with my wardrobe. There are endless ways to layer and style every time fall comes back around. Living in a college town especially, I tend to draw inspiration for new outfits from anyone and everyone I pass on campus. From this, I've gathered my top four styles I'll be sporting this fall and sharing them with you lovely humans! Tune back in for the next four Fridays for my fall fashion fits!

First up: Bell bottoms and bandana scarves. 

Let's talk bell bottoms for a hot sec: Who knew these would be back in style? I was hesitant to buy a pair of my own, but throw on a good pair of heels or booties and you're set. (Not to mention my legs instantly looked longer). This is also an easy way to dress up an outfit with a causal tee!

And to finish off this first fall fit, a bandana scarf. This gives your outfit a different touch rather than the usual infinity scarf. Tie it around your neck for game day, going out with the gals, or to simply make it look like you put effort into your outfit for class! 

So go rock those bell bottoms and bandana scarves, I promise you won't regret it. 

Images by Emily Purdy

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